Legal Assistance

Legal assistance policies when you need to consult with an lawyer about a daily, family or auto-related problem.

Travel assistance

Policies at a very good price for that trip you had planned or if, for work reasons, you travel a lot. We can cover everything from sickness and medical expenses to repatriation or delay and damage or loss of luggage.


Policy designed to cover both private individuals and professionals in the exercise of their profession in the event of possible accidents at home, at work or on the road, with the possibility of contracting additional capital in the event of permanent or temporary disability or health care expenses.

Decennial and construction

Compulsory insurance to be contracted by the construction companies to insure those claims that occur once the work is finished.

Car or commercial vehicle

Product of first necessity that we can offer at very competitive prices, with the possibility of including the following covers: compulsory insurance, windscreen with replacement or repair of the glass in a few hours, travel assistance from the first kilometer, fire, theft and all risk, even for non-new vehicles. Free choice of workshop in all our policies, telephone attention for the management of fines, withdrawal of license and a very effective management of your claim by our department.

Motorcycles and mopeds

Study of the best possibilities, including for the hiring of theft and fire or all risk for motorcycles over 125 cc, including travel assistance and legal assistance to claim fines.


We offer a wide range of options for taking out a death policy, with competitive prices.


Intended to cover claims that may affect the offices of professionals, with the possibility of contracting damage to computer or electronic equipment.


To secure businesses of almost any kind. It covers those claims that can occur in this type of premises. We can also offer coverage for the different elements of the trade.

Recreational Boats

In addition to offering compulsory insurance, it can be extended to cover partial damage or total loss of the boat, as well as coverage for assistance at sea and accidents to occupants.

Civil Liability

We can offer policies to cover the liability of a professional, a hunter or simply a dangerous dog.


Competitive policies with good prices for the coverage of those unforeseen events that may affect your community, with the possibility of including both exclusively community or private elements.


A wide range of products, from the simplest life insurance policy to first class financial products. Always with the best coverages and the most competitive prices.


A wide range of products, both for those who travel often and for those who do not go out as much. Possibility of contracting dental policies at competitive prices and with good coverage.


We have the possibility of taking out some of the best home policies on the market, where we can cover all the unforeseen events that may arise in the home. These multi-risk insurances include theft, damage by theft, fire, water damage, etc. and always at very competitive prices. We will advise you for the correct contracting of your home insurance.