Pymes insurance

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The right protection for PyME and their small businesses

1. General information

PYME insurance… 

We guarantee you the most suitable insurance for your needs. We work with a wide range of companies to give you the best options.

2. Coverage

3. Why choose Mark Petrie?

  • Totally free services. We provide you with a team of experts who will find the insurance that best suits your needs.
  • Renewal commitment. We will review your policy before it expires so that it is correctly priced.
  • The best insurers. We work with the best companies on the market to get the best price.
  • No exclusives. We are not exclusively linked to any company and we have no preference for any of them.
  • Wide offer with the best conditions. Insurance for individuals, companies and the self-employed with all the alternatives and personalised help.
  • Immediate and personalised information. Our customer service team will inform you of any aspect related to insurance.
  • Team of experts in claims. We manage your claims, we defend your interests against the insurance company.

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